A YES Vote for Mayor Kott Means Moving Rio Vista Forward.

ACTION not words. FACTS not empty promises.

I HAVE IMPLEMENTED A CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM TO UPGRADE THE AGING CORE WATER AND SEWER INFRASTRUCTURE.  Remember when Rio Vista was on the brink of bankruptcy and couldn’t pay for major sewer and water repairs? As a result, in 2010, the City was forced to initiate a major increase in water and sewer rates.  Over the last few years and for the next five years, reserves have been established, which enabled the City to initiate a program to upgrade this infrastructure.  There have been no rate increases in 10 years.  Our rates are at the low end of other cities and agencies in the area. 

  • Ms. Gollinger proposes to lower your water and sewer rates but offers NO PLAN on how to upgrade the aging infrastructure. She is promising lower rates for political gain and kick the can down the road.

I HAVE BROUGHT HEALTH CARE TO RESIDENTS: I have worked with our EXISTING infrastructure to bring free flu shots to the residents of Rio Vista. Also, I arranged for Kaiser Permanente to bring a mobile health unit to Rio Vista in this coming Fall.  

  • Ms. Gollinger has NO PLAN to bring health care services to Rio Vista. NONE. Creating a committee to think about medical facilities isn’t a plan. It just creates more bureaucracy.

I WORK TO SUPPORT WORKING FAMILIES: I have created 100+ NEW jobs in the business park. In addition, I work closely with the Chamber of Commerce to attract new business to the City. When fully occupied in 2021, the business park will produce over $2,000,000 annually in tax revenue and 200 jobs. THIS is real support for working families!

  • Ms. Gollinger has NO PLAN to enrich the lives of working families. NONE. She is promising “free daycare,” which is nothing more than a campaign slogan. It is not fiscally or legally possible for Rio Vista to allocate funds for free daycare. If Ms. Gollanger has a plan to make this happen, she should state what that plan is.

CULTURE CHANGE. When I took office, the City’s finances were in shambles, the City’s water and sewer systems were dilapidated, and the police department needed help. Under my leadership, the City’s books have been audited and brought in order, the sewer and water systems have been fixed, and I outsourced the police department to the Solano County Sheriff’s Department, which shields Rio Vista from endless lawsuits while providing a better level of service. 

  • Ms. Gollinger does have a plan: She wants to dismantle what’s working in our City government and replace it with committees, made up of people with no experience running city government, which will waste time and resources trying to reinvent the wheel.  Please keep in mind that Ms. Gollinger has served in only two roles of City government: Parks & Rec coming and the Planning Commission. She quit the Planning Commission after six months, saying that she could not work with her fellow Committee members.  This is not someone with the temperament to be Mayor.



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